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Regrowing Eden

Hina Strüver and Matthias Wüthrich

In Regrowing Eden we reflect on the manner in which society interacts with nature, and in particular with genetically manipulated plants. With gene-technology, humankind designs new life; nature is artificially created for specific purposes. In our artistic work we examine this concept and investigate the public discussion of this new technology, until now in three countries. In the process we cross the line between artificial and natural and combine installation and performance, science and art, Switzerland - Brazil - Vietnam.


Hina Strüver has a Master of Fine Arts from Braunschweig University of Art, with majors in object art, installation and performance. Since completing her Masters degree she has carried out various art projects and scholarships in a number of countries.

Mätti Wüthrich graduated in Environmental Sciences at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. His path since as performance artist has traced the line between science, environmental politics and art.

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