KRFTWRK - Global Human Electricity

Rainer Prohaska

"KRFTWRK" is a social-political statement and an ironic comment on current problems like production and waste of electricity in industrial states, and overweight and lack of fitness of its population.

The target of "KRFTWRK" is to create a consciousness towards these topics with artistic measures. The project consists of an artistic part in real space, a part happening in both spaces (virtually and real), and a virtual part. The most important parts are the staging of the virtual company, the internet-based simulation of a global electricity network, and the realization of usable fitness tools producing power.

The project is situated in the fields of architecture, installation, net art and fine art.

The official ambition of the company "KRFTWRK" is the planning and realization of a new generation of industrial plants, which gain electric energy by muscle-power and chemical processes of human bodies. For example, fitness tools operate generators and depict usable sculptures at the same time. Additionally a community will be formed, which communicates and carries the content of the project.

This should make an ecological energy solution available for the inhabitants of industrial states, which accommodates the high energy consumption, and presents a measure against the lack of fitness.

Project website: www.krftwrk.org

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