UNVEILED PRESENCE (secret sounds) 

Natalie Bewernitz, Marek Goldowski

We like to present a substancial part of our art work: mapping of real soundscapes.
Our latest work "UNVEILED PRESENCE (secret sounds 1v)" describes a virtual version of a site specific recording session around the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn, New York. The recordings are made inside and outside on four seleted rooftop watertowers at the same time.
The starting point of the project "UNVEILED PRESENCE" is the 1916 arisen work "A bruit secret" ("With hidden sound") by Marcel Duchamp in New York. This"readymade" consists of a customary clew, which is put in between two sheets of brass plates. These metal plates are held together by four long screwing bolts, which are working as stands at the same time. A cavity therefore arises in the center of the thread spool into that one of the collectors and friend Duchamps, Walter Arensberg, has put a little object in. Duchamp did not know what it was. This object only manifests itself, if one tilts or shakes the object. The true identity of the object therefore remains secret. Word rows are painted respectively in three lines in French and English on the brass plates.The words contain blanks for different letters, which shall be filled by the observer themself. The word rows shall be read after and after. Little arrows at the ends point out the order to the next. First the topmost line of the upper metal plate shall be read, then the topmost on the lower metal plate etc. This has the consequence that the object will be turned over and therefore the noise is released inside the "readymade".

Visually inspired by Duchamp´s readymade we recorded the rich soundscape arround Manhattan Bridge with hydrophones and contact microphones on the four selected rooftop watertowers. The sound absorbing waterbody of the reservoirs acts as a "concentrating device" for the surrounding soundfield.
These recordings reinstalled at the first time in the virtual world of Second Life because it provides unpossible forms of percepting sound and space character of the the installation. Second Life acts here as "sandbox" for models for further "first life" developement of installations in publice or private locations.

"UNVEILED PRESENCE" deals with the indirectly audible and not directly experienceable sound events. This project starts in the metropolis New York City, where also Marcel Duchamp has created his work "A bruit secret"(1916). Results of different audio recording sequences will be installed later in single chapters (2, 1v,...).

PS.: The complete documentation for "UNVEILED PRESENCE (secret sounds 1v)" is currently under developement, but will finished soon.

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