THE LIVING FUTURE: NON-ORGANIC LIFE. Nanotechnologies and Contemporary Art

Dmitry Bulatov

The report aims to investigate a new stage in the development of the contemporary society emerging while technological and scientific progress is being radicalized. The objective of the presentation is to grasp the evolutionary potential embedded in the main technological trends of the 21st century - robotechnics, genetic engineering and nanotechnologies. Each mentioned trend brings to the fore the agenda of the conventional idea of where the human existence begins and ends, demarcation of norms and pathologies, differentiation between the "self" and the "other". To eliminate such fundamental mismatch of man and technology we have to intensify humanitarian (ruling) technologies and restitute the principle of their correspondence to physical (developing) technologies.

In the process of establishing systemic relations between the new technological reality and man contemporary art is of great importance. Interaction with works of science art forms in human psyche a strong humanitarian basis, which harmonizes people and involves them into the field of technology thus changing their life. Such involvement of man into the new social and technological environment happens due to differences in strategies that science and art use. As a rule science focuses on approval and development of the existing versions of technological reality. Contemporary art, on the contrary, concentrates not so much on approval and development of these versions as on signifying technological boundaries.

What are the main artistic approaches that rehabilitate sense of human implication in the on-going innovational technological processes? These issues can hardly be considered without taking into account the experience of techno-biology art, the representatives of which use in their creative work the strategies of co-evolution, redundancy and destabilization. Applying such a wide range of techno-biological modeling, art draws our attention to the problems of cultural interpretation and artistic comprehension of technological tendencies that provide Homo sapiens with flexibility and qualities of artificial human being possessing a new physical and mental anatomy.

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