THE HOUSE OF AFFECTS PROJECT. Correlating digitally distributed Narrative to adaptable spaces

Giorgos Artopoulos, Eduardo Condorcet

The House of Affects project is comprised of the construction of an interactive audiovisual environment, and its objective is to use several video projections in a dark room. The concept was developed with a consideration for cinematic narrative space, and so allows the user to navigate a virtual space constructed specifically by film, by means of projections. What is under analysis is the traditions of thought, both in terms of space and drama, that might help us to understand better the processes at hand in the conception of spatial narrative and henceforth guide and inspire new forms of moulding game, story and individuals in space.

The choice of projecting film onto real spaces engages that synergy which emerges between the virtual and the real. Users are able to navigate between several of the places presented by the story, and to search for narrative content which is in turn triggered by users' movements.
We aimed as well at using Stanislavskian operative categories of “given action”, “objectives” and “dramatic units” as a frame of building narrative blocks of game that bring narrative and dramatic (and hence emotional) added value to the process of immersion. By merging physical and virtual space, narrative and game we aim at resolving partially the divorce between narrative and ludology. In this sense game-play becomes indeed a merging of personal and affective experience within a spatial narrative.

This paper focuses more on the qualities of the generated space in relation to the design strategy for a novel paradigm of shaping hybrid spaces for responsive moving-image based dramatic narrative.

By creating an easily adaptable model of architecture for audiovisual space we aim at taking the experience of House of Affects and transforming it into a matrix of construction of spaces for filmic interactive experience.

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